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10 Hidden Names for Dairy/Milk You May Not Know

10 Hidden Names for Dairy/Milk You May Not Know:

Resource provided by our friends at: Kids With Food Allergies Foundation

  1. Artificial and Natural butter flavors
  2. Casein & Caseinates (e.g. iron caseinate)
  3. Ghee
  4. High Protein Flour (may contain milk)
  5. Hydrolysates
  6. Lactate solids
  7. Lactose-Free Milk
  8. Quark
  9. Recaldent
  10. Whey


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  1. I never knew ghee was another name for milk. Obviously anything lactose makes sense, but I guess I’m not sensitive enough to have any problems with ghee

  2. This is good to know, I only looked for the word Milk when I read labels, and couldn’t figure out why I was still getting upset stomach, gas, and such when I bought products I was sure were dairy free! I will now be more careful what I buy!

  3. How about lactic acid or starter culture or lactic acid starter culture… They are found in several meats and unless specified otherwise, more KDWB than not, they contain milk.
    I have never seen ghee before. Then again I have never heard of that ingredient.

  4. I read a lot about ingredients and how there are hidden names however I don’t believe I ever read High Protein Flour (may contain milk) and Quark. We learn something new everyday Thanks for the post!

  5. I’ve never heard of quark and recaldent before, or hydrolysates. Now I know to look for those along with high protein flour. Thanks for keeping us dairy free!

  6. I have never heard of some of these terms for a milk product. However quark sounds the most interesting to me. I will definitely be looking for these on products from now on.

  7. I’ve educated a lot of people about whey and casein, but had no idea about ghee, quark, and recaldent… Thanks for the info!

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