Change the World with 140 Characters

Take a small step towards making a big difference! Share your ideas for making the world a better place on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you could win a grant to help your idea grow!

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What's this all about then?

Introducing the World’s Shortest Grant Application! To enter, simply tweet or post your 140 character idea for a project that will make the world a better place to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to include #140Difference! Between April 22-May 9, we’ll award up to $15,000 in grants of various amounts to help simple, brilliant ideas come to life! Read our official contest rules here.

Water Conservation

You never miss the water ‘til the well runs dry! Water is essential to all forms of life and our most precious resource. Give us your ideas! Just takes a few characters to make a difference. How can we show water the love it shows us?

Emissions Reduction

Harmful emissions not only contribute to climate change, they contaminate the air we breathe. Give us a breath of fresh air! Share your brilliant ideas for reducing emissions.

Creative Recycling

Even the dirtiest recycling is better than the cleanest mining operation. That’s why we love recycling! However, we don’t need to throw everything into the recycling bin. Upcycling is great too! Turning trash into treasure is fun AND sustainable! Tell us your creative recycling and upcycling ideas!

Kind Ingredients

The food we eat not only has an intimate connection with our bodies, minds, and health, but the planet as well. That’s why we only source ingredients that are kind to people and kind to the planet, and not just ingredients that are kind to our pockets! Whether it’s organic ingredients or non-GMOs, if it’s important to you it’s important to us. Do you have a simple idea for making kind food available in your community?