Sourcing the Globe

Ingredients That Tread a Little Lighter

So Delicious Dairy Free is committed to doing the right things for people and the planet. That caring spirit is also demonstrated in our partnerships with the farmers and suppliers who help make our products possible. We spend time on the ground in countries like Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Brazil, and other locations where our primary ingredients are grown. We want to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by our suppliers, and we treat them with the dignity, respect, and integrity they deserve. We like to think of it as our personal recipe for success.

A Picture of Sustainability

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sugar farm

organic coconuts

organic The coconut tree is an amazing plant, and is rightfully called the tree of life in many native cultures. Coconuts are a fruit of the tropics and therefore, do not grow but in a few isolated areas of the United States and not near enough to support our demand for these delectable goodies. So we import our coconuts from carefully chosen organic growers in the larger coconut growing regions of the world.

Nothing goes to waste

Literally every part of the coconut tree gets used for some useful purpose. For example, coconut manufacturers typically will use the woody coconut shell as a renewable fuel for their boilers, while the brown paring that surrounds the white meat is pressed to extract valuable oil. We think making tasty So Delicious Dairy Free coconut milk products is one of the best ways of utilizing this amazing food crop!

These power lines allow the mill to sell back energy to the grid, thanks to their biomass power plant, which supplies enough energy for their own operations and then some!
Dried leaf debris covers the land after harvest, effectively traps moisture, and upon decomposition adds valuable biomass to the soil.
Vinasse - a nutrient-rich by-product of sugar production is used as organic fertilizer on the fields
Organic, Biodynamic sugar cane has average yields 10% higher than conventionally-grown cane.