Our Memberships

We’ve partnered with some great organizations that have sustainability at the heart of their mission.

The Sustainable Food Trade Association

sustainable food trade assc The Sustainable Food Trade Association is a non-profit trade association that represents North American, mission-aligned, organic food companies. They support their members in implementing innovative sustainable business practices across the supply chain, from farm to retail.

The Sustainability Consortium

sustainability consortium The Sustainability Consortium is an organization of diverse global participants working to make the world more sustainable through better products, services, and consumption practices. They develop and promote science and integrated tools to improve informed decision making for product sustainability throughout the entire product lifecycle across all relevant consumer goods sectors.


Our vision is to advance science to drive a new generation of innovative products and supply networks that address environmental, social, and economic imperatives.


Through multi-stakeholder collaboration, our mission is to design and implement credible, transparent and scalable science-based measurement and reporting systems accessible for all producers, retailers, and users of consumer products.