Expiration Date


Our frozen products are good for 2 years after the Date Code on the bottom a pint or quart; on the side of the box of bars or sandwiches; or on the back of individual bars or sandwiches. This is contingent on storage at a constant temperature of -20° F. The formation of ice crystals on the product may be an indication that the product was not maintained at the proper temperature. The shelf life will be shorter if stored at the standard home freezer temperature of 0° F. View a visual guide to the location of the date codes on our products

To read the Date Code, refer to the Julian Date Calendar.

13100 = 2013

13250 = 250th day, out of a 365 day year


Our refrigerated products should be stored and maintained at 35° F, and are best when used within the number of days indicated below. Best Before or Best By dates are located on each package as shown below. Note that coconut milk products are perishable, just as dairy products are. View a visual guide to the location of the date codes on our products.

Beverage, Refrigerated - 7 to 10 days (after opening)

Beverage, Shelf Stable - 7 to 10 days (after opening)

Creamer - 14 days (after opening)

Cultured Products – 10 days (after opening)


If you have a question or concern about any of our products, contact our Customer Relations Representative at 866-388-7853 (Mon - Fri, 7 am to 4pm PT) or contact us at http://sodeliciousdairyfree.com/contact-us.