Unsweetened Coconut Milk 6-packs now Available at OR and WA Costco Stores!

Posted in All Things Dairy-Free September 18, 2013

Available Now

We’re very pleased to announce our convenient new 6-packs of Unsweetened Coconut Milk Beverage are now available at select Costco stores throughout Oregon and Washington! Check the list of participating locations below, and be sure to stock up on this great deal!

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we need this at the Tumwater Costco!!!!!

Hi Amanda! We really appreciate your enthusiasm! Know that we’re working tirelessly to get our products into as many stores as possible, and we’ll keep working with Costco to get our new 6-packs into more locations in the near future.

Why not the Gig Harbor, WA Costco?

Hi Charleen,

We’ve been working very hard with the fine folks at Costco to get our products into their stores, and we’ll continue to work with them to get more products into more locations. We’re very excited to be in these 10 stores as a preliminary release, and we appreciate your patience and understanding that this isn’t a fast or easy process. We believe that our new 6-packs will fly off the shelves and more Costco locations will be added in the near future, and please know that in the meantime, we’re doing all we can to deliver our delicious dairy-free products to as many locations as possible.

We need a Tacoma, WA area store on this list! Puyallup would be preferable.

we need this in Eugene!! please??

How about Colorado Springs Costco! Love your product

Thank you, Kateri! We’ll be hard at work trying to get our products into as many Costcos as possible, but the process takes some time. Until then, we hope you’ll still enjoy our products from your other local stores!

I know a ton of Costco consumers in Anchorage, AK who would be stoked to see this on the shelves!

We’ve been working with the good people over at Costco to expand availability of our products, and we think there’s a great deal of opportunity! We’ll be sure to pass your comment along to our sales team, and we’ll be sure to let all of our fans know when more Costco locations have our products available!

I was very excited to see Coconut Milk at my local Costco, only to be disappointed when I read your ingredients? Carrageenan ..has been banned from infant formula in the UK, because this ingredient has been studied and shown to cause bowel irritation; they are worried about the long term affects on the generations to follow. People with Crohn’s or IBS should stay away from this ingredient.
Please, consider removing this ingredient from your Coconut milk. I don’t mind shaking my beverage before I drink it, (emulsification is mostly why carrageenan is put into things). Regards

Please check out our other blog post on this topic at Thanks!

I love the products at so delicious but I wish I can purchase it in bulk so I can save a
Little money. It adds up when you have a baby.
I wish the Las Vegas Costco would sell your products

Hi Mary! Have you ever considered ordering a case of your favorite So Delicious products from the stores you regularly shop at? Many stores will even give you a discount for purchasing by the case. We also continue working with our friends at Costco to expand availability. The initial launch in Washington and Oregon has gone well, so we’re looking into expanding into more Costco stores in the near future. Stay tuned for updates, and be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook if you haven’t already!

Will this becoming to the east coast anytime soon? You won’t believe how much of this stuff I go through making oatmeal and smoothies.

Hi Corey!

We continue to work closely with the buyers at Costco stores all across the U.S. and Canada. We’re very excited about partnering with such an amazing chain and hope to offer more products in as many Costcos as possible, and we’ll keep doing everything in our power to make that happen. As far as timing, I’m sorry to say that I can’t really offer any specific information at this time. Have you ever considered asking your grocery store to special order a case for you, though? Most stores are more than happy to do this for their customers, and even offer 10-15% discounts for purchasing an entire case at a time. Check out to print off a request form that you can bring with you to the store to make things as easy as possible. Thanks, and please let us know if we can do anything else to help!

When will you sell Coconut Milk at the Costcos in Arizona? We live in Phoenix and my son drinks this milk because of multiple food allergies. It is getting costly to purchase at our local grocery and health food stores so I would love to see it at our Costco! His favorite is the vanilla.

Hi Samantha,

We continue to work with our partners at Costco to expand availability into more locations. Believe us when we say that we’re working hard on this, as we’d LOVE it if our products were available at every Costco store. Unfortunately, we can’t offer any kind of firm date that Arizona locations will start stocking our products. We’d also like you to note that the only flavor of coconut milk beverage that we currently have for sale in any Costco is the Unsweetened Original flavor.

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