Try This So Delicious® Thai Iced Tea!

Posted in Recipes September 27, 2013

As soon as we got our hands on the first batches of our brand new Culinary Coconut Milk, we immediately THai_Tea2knew one of the first things we’d make: Thai Iced Tea! We love the way this creamy, rich, and mildly sweet beverage compliments spicy Thai dishes and helps put out the fire in our mouths when we get a little too adventurous with the spices.

This is truly a very, very simple drink to make at home. Learning how to make these at home can save you some serious cash in the long run instead of having to depend on your local Thai joint for your fix!

Now, one of the key factors to making it just like the restaurants is using an authentic Thai Tea mix. Most Asian grocery stores should carry this, and we got a large bag for only $3.99. Authentic Thai tea has a pleasing (albeit it subtle) vanilla aroma and flavor, and is what accounts for the brilliant orange color when brewed and mixed with cream. However, by no means do you have to run out to the store to track down a mix. If you prefer, you can simply swap out the Thai Tea mix for black tea, if that’s your preference. It’ll still taste great, but you won’t achieve that classic, colorful look.

We found that using the measurements below was just right for us, but as you make your own at home, you should experiment with different levels of sweetness and creaminess to suit your individual tastes.

Ingredients (makes 4 servings)

▪   1 cup Thai Tea mix OR 5 bags of black tea
▪   4 cups water
▪   3/4 cup  organic cane sugar (or whatever sweetener you prefer)
▪   So Delicious® Culinary Coconut Milk (you can use Original or Lite depending on your preferences. Our Coffee Creamers work
wonderfully, too!)
▪   Ice


1. Bring water to boil and add the tea mix (or the 5 black tea bags). Add sugar and gently stir to dissolve sugar. Gently boil tea for about 3 minutes, then remove from heat.

2. Steep the tea for 30-40 minutes. The more concentrated the tea is, the better the Thai tea will taste.

3. If you are using the Thai tea mix, you’ll need to strain out the loose tea leaves (or if you’re using the tea bags, remove those now). Set aside the tea and allow it to thoroughly cool.

4. Once the tea is completely cooled, fill your glasses with ice (crushed works better than cubed).

5. Pour the tea over the ice until the glass is about 4/5 full, then top off the remainder of glass with our Culinary Coconut Milk or Coffee Creamer.

Lightly stir to get that cool color effect, and enjoy!

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Yum! I bet this is delicious!

Red Curry Chicken!! Can’t wait :)

can’t wait to make a pina colada smoothie with this!!!

I would love to try this in some homemade banana pudding!

Now that it’s fall, I can’t wait to make some roasted tomato soup with coconut milk!

a yummy combo..

i use to make my friut smoothies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m actually very excited about making Thai tea with it! I absolutely love Thai cuisine! Unfortunately when I go out to enjoy it at local Thai restaurants they will only make it with dairy, because of this I haven’t been able to enjoy Thai tea for a while. I will also make curries with it as well! I know that I’ll fall in love with this product and buy it all the time, like I have with all of you other products! You all are amazingly awesome and your products are most definitely SO DELICIOUS!

I like to use various creamers and milks when I make oatmeal for breakfast. This sounds like it would be PERFECT.

I want to make cookies with this!

Thai iced tea, it’s my favorite..

Pumpkin pie spice creamer!!! I use a lot of milk in cooking but need it dairy free I could use this product everyday!!!

woohoo! i’m so excited! I have tried the so delicious coffee creamer with my thai ice tea but it just doesnt taste the same.. =( I’m excited to try it with the Culinary Coconut Milk!!!

I love thai tea and the fact that this is dairy free is even better! love it

What DON’T I want to make with this delicious ingredient! Spicy-sweet Indian foods, delectable ice creams, scrumptious beverages….This is a vegan’s DREAM!

I plan to use this product in Everything requiring milk! Oatmeal, chicken salad, saffron chicken, caramel, caramel pecan rolls, ice cream, pancakes, waffles, French toast, cakes, cupcakes, frosting, fudge, cookies, gravies.

When I say everything I mean it!

I have been waiting for this product forever!

Chai Cream Frappacino

It is hard to say which recipe I would want to make first. I get so many delicious sounding recipes through e-mail and through Facebook. Some of the recipes that are gluten free. My son has Celiac’s Decease so I would probably choose one I could make and invite home over for dinner.

I am most excited to try this product in my cooking as well as my baking! I am not sure what recipe I would start with! I am excited to try this and hope I can keep this as a staple in my house

Smoothies, Green Bean Casserole, Mac n’ Cheese, hot chocolate…

this is also good with a Chai tea or even coffee!!!

I would mix this with my weight loss shake mix and with some spinach and shake to my hearts content! I would be thrilled to have tasted this new scrumptous mix!! Of course, I’d lose weight too! I bet the recipes listed are good too.

The Thai tea sounds wonderful. I would try that.

Low carb fudge

We love making our own mocha or pepperment or Irish cream fraps using this cocomut milk. It makes them so creamy and delicious!

I love all So Delicious Products but especially the coconut milk!

Yum, yum, yum! I use coconut milk for everything my favorite is to make a Starbucks doubleshot at home with my verismo and use coconut milk. I use it in all of my baking as well!!!

I would make a strawberry banana smoothy or pineapple banana smoothy


Cream of Chicken-less soup

I would try the thai ice tea recipe and i like to make pina coladas my style.

I would like to use it to make pina colada cupcakes

We stock at least a case every week as my daughter has severe food allergies and we use this in EVERYTHING! Thank God for your delicious product!

Love your coconut milk products. Use them all of the time. I am anxious to try the culinary coconut milk.

I’ve made the tea in my coffee pot this way: 2 teaspoons of ground turmeric, 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon into the coffee filter. At least 3 tea bags (black tea works best) in the pot. Pour the pot of water in and brew like you would coffee. It’s a wonderfully simple tea.

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