Ten Power Breakfasts to Get You Moving

Posted in Dairy-Free Living, Recipes July 22, 2014

top ten power breakfasts so delicious dairy free

This week we are encouraging everyone to “get moving,” and we want you to have the energy you need to get your projects done, meet your goals, and stay motivated.  So Delicious Dairy Free rounded up our ten favorite energy-packed breakfasts to help you Save Summer.  It probably helps that we launched a new cultured almond milk cup to help you power up on the go!

Top Ten Power Breakfasts to Get You Moving

  1. Granola. Try topping your cultured almond or coconut milk with a wholesome granola.  Our favorite right now is Purely Elizabeth, a small non-GMO granola featuring delicious superfoods like dried blueberries and hemp seed.  You can have a chance to win Purely Elizabeth products this week for our GMO-free summer celebration.
  2. Parfaits.  Breakfast parfaits can feel decadent while still being really healthy.  Layer cultured coconut milk or cultured almond milk with chia seeds, fresh fruit and your favorite whole grain cereal for an elegant power up.
  3. Protein smoothie. Mix together our Almond Plus beverage, a nutritious plant based protein mix, and fresh fruit and greens for big nutritional punch.  We are big fans of Vega’s smoothie protein mix.
  4. Hot grain cereal.  Oatmeal is a fantastic way to provide energy to last all day.  Mix in our coconut milk beverages, nuts, seeds and dried fruit to create your favorite flavor.  Try it savory with herbs and spices to mix it up.
  5. Chia Pudding.  Our coconut, almond, soy or cashew milk beverages thicken beautifully with some healthy chia seeds for a nutritious breakfast custard.
  6. Breakfast cookies.  A homemade baked bar can be a fantastic time saver to prepare for a busy week.  The Minimalist Baker has a dairy-free, gluten-free recipe for food sensitive households.
  7. Wholesome biscuits.  Fluffy breakfast biscuits are a way to feel good in the morning.  The So Delicious Dairy Free website has several great biscuit recipes.
  8. Chickpea “Omelet”.  A chickpea flour omelet not only provides lots of fiber, but also magnesium and copper, essential minerals that will boost your mood.  The pleasant yellow color make it look just like a traditional omelet.
  9. Quinoa Breakfast Bowl.  Dress leftover quinoa with our cultured almond milk and add fresh fruit for a perfect protein breakfast.
  10. Sweet Potato Pancakes.  Pancakes are not always thought of as “healthy”, but you can mix in some great nutrient packed ingredients like flax, millet and sweet potatoes to give you the energy you need. Try this recipe from Happy Kids Inc.

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