Sustainable Food Resources

Posted in Sustainability July 11, 2014

Sustainable food is always on our mind.  This week we encouraged you to get involved.  So Delicious Dairy Free works to stay involved with our communities and with our food system.  You can see what So Delicious Dairy Free does for our communities and environment in our 2013 Sustainability Report.

sustainable food coconut tree

Flickr CC/McKay Savage

We also want to give you resources on how you can be more in touch with your food.  Here are our favorite website to educate and connect you with wholesome food for your healthy and conscious lifestyle.

Just Label It is a fun media website tracking the movement to label genetically modified (GMO) foods.  You can see a list of countries that require labeling as well as states that are currently working on passing a law.

Oregon Right to Know is our local grassroots movement to legislate the labeling of GMO foods.  The site has a great list of Frequently Asked Questions for consumers to learn more about why labeling GMO food is important.

The Sustainable Food Trade Organization is a group that assists us with sustainability reporting guidelines.  They provide best practices, webinars and other resources on how companies in the food industry can be more responsible.

Local Harvest can help you find farms, CSA programs and more local food resources in your area.  You can also review local farms and food services on the sight and see what others think.  You can also buy gift cards for local farm produce.  If you enter our #SaveMySummer photo contest, you can win a FREE season of local produce deliveries this week.

The Organic Consumers Association sponsors studies and releases a pesticide watch for ingredients every year known as “the dirty dozen”. So Delicious Dairy Free uses organic ingredients whenever possible based on pricing, availability and demand.

We are proud to work towards being part of the solution.  From our carbon footprint (which is significantly lower than dairy) to our ambition to be the safest, cleanest, tastiest dairy-free option available, we believe we are working toward a better world.

What sites do you use to learn more about your food?