Exotic Ingredients to Explore in Your Kitchen

Posted in Dairy-Free Living July 16, 2014

black garlic exotic ingredients dairy free

Flickr CC via popartichoke

This week we our Save Summer theme is “explore”, and we invite our fans to explore new options in their food.  So Delicious Dairy Free has rounded up exotic ingredients to help your taste buds explore new flavors.  Adjusting to a dairy-free lifestyle often means changing your eating habits.  The fun part about being dairy-free is opening yourself up to trying foods you may not have otherwise.  Here are our favorite less common ingredients that support an awesome dairy-free diet.

Kaffir lime leaves- These leaves are great to infuse into sauces and curries for a citrusy herbal flavor.

Turmeric- This mildly earthy spice is great for adding a bright golden color to dishes.  Try grating the root fresh into salad dressings and smoothies for a great anti-inflammation booster.

Black garlic– this hard to find treat is an interesting take on fresh garlic.  The bulb is fermented into a sweet, licorice-like treat.  The fermentation process enhances garlic’s natural antioxidants.  Try it in a salad, worked into cornbread, or even as a dessert topping for a fun play on sweet and savory.

Sunchokes, or Jerusalem artichokes- This vegetable is a great source of iron and have a meaty texture.  They are actually more closely related to a potato than an artichoke, but the flavor and nutrition is stronger.  You can roast, steam or pan fry them.

Genmaicha- Genmaicha is a green tea made with toasted rice kernels.  It has a warm, roasted and grassy taste which makes it great for curbing cravings and awakening your senses.

Harissa- This hot chili paste commonly found in Moroccan cuisine will spice up your stews, sandwiches or roasted vegetables. You can also explore Middle Eastern cuisine by trying out this tagine.

What are your favorite exotic ingredients? Share with us in the comments!