The So Delicious Dairy Free Garden

Posted in News and Events August 14, 2014

Our favorite place to “chill out” while we aren’t working is the So Delicious Dairy Free employee garden.  In 2013, our company established an organic vegetable garden so that our team has access to healthy food, as well as an opportunity to get outside.  This year, we added a patio table and chairs that allow for an outdoor meeting or lunch space.

so delicious dairy free garden


In the late months of summer, we are currently enjoying kale, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, beets, flowers and corn.  Earlier this year we took home peas and strawberries, and we are looking forward to potatoes and cauliflower.  It is so fun to be able to take a break at work and enjoy the bountiful harvest.

garden dairy free hq


Are you getting in some quality chill out time this summer? Show us how my posting your picture to Instagram and tag it #savemysummer.