4 Cool Treats to Beat the Summer Heat!

Posted in Recipes July 25, 2013

While we’re still in the throes of the dog days of summer, it’s the perfect time of year to cool off with a cold, refreshing treat. Below, we’ve compiled 4 of our favorite recipes to help you beat the heat!

Ginger Ice Cream

1. Double Vanilla Ice Cream with Gingerbread Cake Swirl

Break out that ice cream maker, because we’ve got a deliciously fun recipe for you: Homemade Double Vanilla Ice Cream with Gingerbread Cake Swirl  from our friend Spabettie! It’s dairy-free, gluten-free, and made using our Vanilla Coconut Milk. We LOVE gingerbread, and we think it’s a shame to only enjoy it during the winter holidays.

As if this recipe isn’t tempting enough all by its delicious self, research shows that ginger possesses numerous antioxidant effects, helps inhibit the formation of inflammatory compounds, and even possesses a variety of direct anti-inflammatory effects. Ginger has also traditionally been used in herbal medicine as a powerful digestive aid.


2. Cookies n’ Cream “Ice Cream” Cake

Planning a dairy-free birthday celebration? Do you simply miss being able to indulge in a delicious ice cream cake? Well, now you can! Thanks to a birthday request from a special little guy and some creativity and ingenuity from one of our blogger friends over at Simply Dish, this gorgeous Oreo Ice Cream Cake is a snap to put together and tastes oh-so-delicious!

Are you surprised that Oreos are vegan? Well, in the U.S., they are! Our friends across the pond in the U.K. informed us that Oreos in Europe contain dairy ingredients, so be sure to read those labels carefully if you’re avoiding dairy products overseas. There are also many other options for cookies that you can use, such as Kinnikinnick Foods‘ gluten-free K-Toos, Wheat-free Dairy-Free Newman O’s, or Late July Cookies. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination! We’re thinking about making this using our chocolate frozen dessert with peanut butter cookies next…


3. Chocolate Almond Butter Pops

In celebration of “National Chocolate with Almonds Day,” the lovely ladies over at A Whisk and Two Wands created these delicious, nutritious, protein-packed Chocolate Almond Butter Pops! Combining our Vanilla Almond Plus beverage with some almond butter and a scoop Vega One‘s chocolate flavored all-in-one nutritional shake, these simple frozen pops are the perfect treat for the active person on-the-go this summer.

Peach Blackberry Colada Popsicles_Bright

4. Peach Blackberry Colada Popsicles

Here in Oregon, it’s prime blackberry season. Our farmer’s markets are bursting with a variety of gorgeous produce, which is why we got extra excited when Once a Mom, Always a Cook created these colorful Peach Berry Colada Popsicles! Made using our French Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer and real, fresh peaches and blackberries, these popsicles are a light, refreshing, and healthy way to beat the heat!