10 Ways to Show Love: Save Summer Week 4

Posted in All Things Dairy-Free June 17, 2014

For our “Save Summer” campaign, this week’s theme is “Love Notes”.  Summertime means families have more time to spend together as school and activities wind down.  The long lazy days of a childhood summer provide the perfect opportunity to show love for families.  At So Delicious Dairy Free, we believe in bringing joy to dairy-free living, and we wanted to share our favorite ways to spread love and joy.  Here is our round up of ten ways to show you love someone!

love notes save my summer photo contest

Chlore Price via Flickr CC

#1 Serve breakfast in bed.  What better way to wake up then with a breakfast that is SO delicious?

#2 Tea (or Coffee) Time.  Take a little extra time in the morning to sit down, relax and have tea or coffee with someone you love.

#3 Share a treat.  Nothing says “I love you!” like a little indulgent frozen dessert.

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So Delicious Dairy Free

#4 Cook a homemade dinner.  Food is an expression of love.  A dinner from scratch is always appreciated.  Check out our dairy-free recipes for ideas!

#5 Sing to someone.  “If music be the food of love, play on” –William Shakespeare.

#6 Snap a picture together.  Then enter our “Save Summer” photo contest for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

#7 Hug ‘em like crazy.  Count five more seconds after you think the hug would have normally been over.  Extra-long hugs mean more love!

#8 Leave notes in a lunch box.  Opening a sweet note inside a packed lunch is an easy way to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

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So Delicious Dairy Free

#9 Take an adventure together.  Try something new, expand your minds, show you care by making a great summer plan.

#10 Make a love coupon book.  Homemade coupons good for chores, back rubs, treats or other nice gestures are a thoughtful gift.  As a reward, here’s a So Delicious Coupon for you!

Want to win our Save Summer photo contest? Post your love note with the tag #savemysummer to Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win custom floral delivery!


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Help weed a senior neighbors’ garden. Dead head some rhodies and make them look healthy. It won’t go unnoticed.

That is very kind, Jane! I bet it looks great.

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