10 Childhood Treats Made Dairy Free

Posted in Dairy-Free Living, Recipes June 23, 2014

Families living dairy-free or with other food allergies often have to worry about kids getting to enjoy the simple pleasures of American childhood treats.  For our “little wonders” theme this week, So Delicious Dairy Free wanted to provide a round-up of kid friendly comfort foods for kids with allergies that would satisfy those yearnings.  From grilled cheese to ice cream bars, here is a “eat this not that” list of kid safe food delights.

dairy free childhood treat nondairy milk,vegan desserts

  1. Pancakes. Traditional pancakes are filled with eggs, milk, wheat, butter and sugar.  The good news is that you can make delicious pancakes that are free of all typical allergens. Try this recipe for gluten-free vegan multigrain pancakes from Sarah Bakes Gluten Free.
  2. Cereal.  Sugary kids’ cereal is a staple of childhood, but for kids with allergies.  It can be hard to compete with fun cartoon characters selling marshmallowy and chocolatey delights.  Instead try a homemade granola, such as the simple chocolate coconut granola at The Conscious Consumer. Serve with dairy-free milks, such as our unsweetened vanilla coconut beverage.
  3. Chocolate milk.  Most of us remember the joy of grabbing that little wondrous carton of chocolate milk at school or the grocery store.  So Delicious Dairy Free has the answer with our chocolate coconut milk beverage in single serve packs, perfect for the little ones to grab and go.  Our chcocolate beverage is 60% lower in sugar than the typical chocolate milk and only 90 calories per serving, yet has a rich chocolate taste.
  4. Grilled Cheese.  If your little one is gluten and dairy-free, something as simple as a sandwich can be daunting.  Making dairy-free cheese at home can be a fun experience though. We like this recipe for Block Cheddar Vegan Cheese from But Yes… I Do Eat Potatoes.  Use with your choice of gluten-free bread, such as the everyday gluten free vegan bread from Sarah Bakes Gluten Free.
  5. Pudding. Kids love to pack those cups of creamy pudding for lunches and snack time.  A tasty swap for pudding cups comes in the form of our Greek-style cultured almond and coconut milk products.  We even have chocolate flavor in both versions.  Try this recipe for cookie dough yogurt dip from The Hungary Vegan for a twist on a great treat.
  6. Pizza.  Great for lunch and dinner (and for some of us, left over pizza for breakfast was awesome), pizza is a staple of a kid diet.  Try this dairy-free and gluten free version of cauliflower crust pizza from So Delicious Dairy Free’s recipe collection.
  7. Macaroni and cheese.  Mac and cheese is probably the ultimate nostalgic comfort food.  Make it fun for kids by baking in muffin cups for easy use as snack or dinner.  We like this recipe for mac and cheese cups from Milk Allergy Mom.
  8. Ice cream bars.  Remember the sound of the ice cream truck playing music, luring children to collect their summer time treat?  With So Delicious Dairy Free fudge bars and other novelties, your kids with allergies can enjoy ice cream too.
  9. Cookies.  Little chocolate sandwich cookies with a glass of milk is a perfect childhood moment.  Try washing down these vegan sandwich cookies from She Let Them Eat Cake with a glass of So Delicious Dairy Free Almond Plus Vanilla.
  10. Cupcakes.  Delightful little cupcakes can be the best treat of all.  Try these gluten, egg and dairy-free Coconut Chocolate Chip Cupcakes from our own recipe collection.

What are your favorite childhood treats?  Do you need an allergy safe version? Let us know in the comments!